5 Bakes For Beginners

If baking scares you senseless, then look no further. We have the perfect beginner recipes for you. You won’t need much equipment, there aren’t too many processes to boggle your mind; in fact, in less than an hour, you’ll have something so delicious you’ll be hopping straight back into the kitchen to get your bake on. Here are our top five bakes for beginners.

Plum & Almond Cake

Once you master this cake, you’ll be able to switch the fruit in the recipe, and even try some dollops of jam or chocolate in place of fruit.

Chocolate Brownies

Three pieces of chocolate brownies with walnuts on a tablecloth.
The ultimate melt and mix recipe, brownies are foolproof, and yet so very rewarding. If you overcook, don’t worry – just serve them with extra ice cream.


Smoked Paprika Flatbreads; flatbread recipe
If you are scared of bread, then flat breads are the way to go. Cooking them on a dry pan, these breads are ultra satisfying. Flavour with whatever spice combination that you love.

Basic Sugar Cookie

easter bunny biscuits; easter recipe; i love cooking recipe
A basic sugar cookie is a brilliantly versatile thing to have. Use as a tart base; freeze in easy to bake rounds, and flavour with whatever spice or citrus peel that catches your imagination.



Every baker needs a showstopper, and pavlova is quite simply, the easiest way to impress a crowd we know.

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