5 Dishes To Cook This St Patrick’s Day

Happy St Patrick’s Day! We consulted our foodie friends and have come up with five killer dishes to whip up today, and feel truly, truly Irish. Enjoy!

Warm St Patrick’s Day Salad

Catherine Fulvio St Patricks Day Warm Salad I Love Cooking

Catherine Fulvio couldn’t celebrate Paddy’s Day without this food combination – hot potatoes & smoked salmon! The wilted, yet crispy radicchio balances the textures so well in the recipe.

Gallagher’s Boxty House Seafood Chowder

BoxtyHouse Chowder recipe; chowder recipe; Pádraic Óg Gallagher

Gallagher’s Boxty House is world famous for their chowder, and we have their recipe!

Derry Clark’s Honey Glazed Ham Hock

Derry clarke ham hock 1

Derry Clarke takes traditional bacon and cabbage and turns it into a Michelin-starred meal.

Edward Hayden’s Brown Bread

Edward Haydens brwon bread; brown bread recipe; i love cooking brown bread

What Irish meal is complete without a slice of brown bread to go with it? We’ve hit gold with Edward Hayden’s yummy recipe.

Mandy Mortimer’s Irish Coffee Cupcakes


Our pal Mandy takes the best of Irish and turns it into cupcakes to die for. Rich coffee sponge topped with Jameson whipped cream frosting anyone?

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