5 Things You Should Never Use Vinegar To Clean

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We recently gave you our top 5 ways to clean with vinegar. If you missed it you can read it here. Although vinegar is a great way to clean there are somethings you should never try to clean using it. Here our the top 5 things you should never clean with vinegar:

1.Granite & Marble Tops

The acid in the vinegar can etch real stone so while it may smell fresh and clean it is probably best to use warm soapy water to be safe from any crumbles!

2. Stone Floor Tiles

Like the countertops, the natural stone in your bathroom won’t thank you for acidic cleaners, like vinegar. Instead, stick to cleaning with special stone soap, or warm soapy water.

3. An Egg Stain or Spill

The acid in the vinegar will cause the egg to coagulate thus making the eggy mess even more difficult to remove.

4. An Iron

Vinegar can damage the inside of an iron so best to use plain ol’ water!

5. Hardwood Floors

Some people recommend using vinegar for its shiny finish were as others dismiss this. In our experience, we believe you should use special hardwood cleaner and not take the risk of ruing your beautiful floors.


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