5 Veggie Dinners

Mon, 19 Oct 2015
vegetable fried rice

You don’t need meat to make a wholesome delicious meal and we often find vegetarian dishes are quick and easy to prepare.

Here’s our top 5 veggie dinners:




Mexican Eggs offer one pan of spicy deliciousness that we can dip toasted bread into. This is a dinner win in all of our family’s books.






Edward Hayden Spaghetti with Slow Roasted Tomatoes and Lemon Cream




Some people think that all vegetarian food is super healthy and non-indulgent. Well, Edward Hayden’s spaghetti with slow-roasted tomatoes and lemon cream is rich. RICH. And delicious. And you won’t miss meat one little bit.







This roasted beetroot and squash quinoa risotto is a superfood bonanza. Just piquant enough with a sprinkling of blue cheese – maybe try a bit of goats cheese for the kids.








Vegetable Fried Rice 4





Our veggie fried rice is delicious, nutritious and tastes great hot or cold. Get the kids to help with the veg peeling and make this a family affair.




vegetarian; pumpkin curry


Thai pumpkin curry is such an easy dish to prepare and makes the most of the abundant autumn harvest of pumpkin and veggies like kale and mushrooms.

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