5 Ways To Clean With Vinegar

Thu, 06 Jul 2017
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You may not be aware but in your cupboard, you have one of the most powerful cleaning agents – Vinegar! It doesn’t contain any nasties like bleach, ammonium or other poisonous cleaning ingredients either. Vinegar does not only flavour your chips but it will clean your house too! It is so versatile and cost-effective.

5 Ways To Clean With Vinegar

Vinegar Cleaner_I Love Cooking, www.ilovecooking.ie, diy hacks, vinegar, 5 ways to clean with vinegar

Window Cleaning

Mix two tablespoons of white vinegar with six and a half pints of water and distribute into a spray bottle. Spray on, then rub with newspaper pages and avoid using kitchen towel which can cause streaking.


Toss a capful of white vinegar into the machine on washing day and your coloured laundry will be brighter and your whites a sparkling white. After washing, get a sharper crease in trousers by dipping the fabric in a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water. Then wring out the fabric and press the creases as usual and “voila” perfect creased trousers every time!

Fed up with the kids rolling in the grass and wrecking their clothes? With a mixture of 80ml white vinegar and 160ml water grass stains can be a thing of the past. Simply apply it to the stains and dab with a clean cloth until you’ve removed as much grass stains as possible before popping into the wash as normal.

Cleaning Carpets

Remove wine stains from the carpet by mixing warm water and vinegar before wiping/rinsing until the stain is gone.

Washing Vegetables & Fruit

Did you know that a lot of fruit and veg has huge amounts of bacteria on it? Fix this with having a ready-made mix of one part vinegar and three parts water in a spray bottle to blast those pesky germs away!

Glue Stains

Vinegar is brilliant at dissolving the adhesives and it can be great at cutting through grease too!

Feeling creative? How about jazzing up your plain old vinegar with some ingredients found around the house!

Take an empty spray bottle or kilner jar and half fill with vinegar and then half fill with water before adding these gorgeous ingredients and leaving to infuse for up to a week. Don’t forget to shake well!

  • Lemon rinds (3-4) and rosemary (2-3 sprigs)
  • Orange rinds (2-3) and peppermint oil (3 drops)
  • Eucalyptus (2- 3 sprigs) and tea tree oil (2-3 drops)

You can pick up oils in your local chemist, health shop or check out Amazon.

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Vinegar Cleaner_I Love Cooking, www.ilovecooking.ie, diy hacks, vinegar

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