How To Bake With Kids

Thu, 04 May 2017
Chocolate dipped marshmallows for kids birthday parties

We’ve all been there. Gathered the kids, picked out a recipe, laid out the cute bakeware. And then. POW. Ten minutes into our adventure and the kitchen is carnage. Children are flinging flour, adults are weeping into a glass of wine. Today we are hear to tell you that all is not lost. There is a way to minimise the pain of baking with your offspring, and to make it the enjoyable activity you imagined. We have collated our mistakes and road-tested potential roads to success. Here it is:  allow us to introduce how to bake with kids…

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Bunny Biscuits

Those minion cupcakes may seem like a great idea, but we guarantee the kids will lose interest before they are even in the oven. Choose simple recipes with few ingredients and few steps. Cookies are a great start, because they can be whipped up in minutes with minimal mess.

Assemble loads of little bowls and weigh all the ingredients into them before you invite the kids into the kitchen. Arrange them from left to right, in order of how they are added to the mix. That way you can take turns hurling the ingredients into the mixing bowl without worrying too much.


Cake Pops

Give them some butter paper and let them go to town. Kids love greasing tins; it takes ages and makes them feel super important.

Let everyone have a turn of the wooden spoon, and then tell them to make a wish to the baking fairy to wish the cake/cookie/cupcake good luck in the oven.

Chocolate dipped marshmallows for kids birthday parties

Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows

Utilise your tiny bowls again to put out all kinds of decorating bits and bobs, cover the kitchen table with a bin bag and let the kids go to town with their artistic side.

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