How To Make A Christmas Hamper

Tue, 05 Dec 2017

Still a few Christmas pressies to get? Are the thoughts of wading through the crowds filling you with dread? Then fear not we are on hand to give you some top tips to create the perfect Christmas gift from the comfort of your own home – a homemade Christmas hamper full of delicious treats.

christmas hamper

First things first, find yourself a wicker basket (you may have one from a present you have received) or alternatively a nice card box. Marks & Spencer actually have stunning DIY hamper sets which include the basket, crepe paper and labels.

Next you will need something to sit your treats on. Straw or shredded crepe paper is perfect and you can get this in most art and hobby shops.

You will also need some cellophane, string and labels to make this look really spectacular.

Now for the fun part – filling your hamper with some delicious edible treats. Alternatively you could use these great edible gifts as stocking fillers

Chocolate Bark

chocolate bark

Vanilla Fudge

fudge recipe

Festive Pink Lemonade

pink_lemonade; i_love_cooking_drinks


Salted Caramel Sauce

homemade salted caramel sauce

Cherry Truffles

cherry truffles; desserts, chocolate

Biscotti With Dried Apricots & Cranberries

BISCOTTI WITH DRIED APRICOTS AND CRANBERRIES Lynda Booth Dublin Cookery School I Love CookingCandied Chocolate Clementines 



Christmas Cranberry Chuntey




Chocolate Biscuit Cake Puddings


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