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Sun, 18 Jan 2015
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 Get In Ma Belly Kung Po Chicken

Last week in Meet The Bloggers, we spoke to Rosanne from Like Mam Used To Bake about being organised in the kitchen, and mastering a few basic cake recipes so you can always satisfy a sweet tooth. This week, we meet Conor Bofin from One Man’s Meat. As well as creating some of the most delicious recipes around (his recent Kung Po Chicken will be a weekly staple in the I Love Cooking kitchens we can tell you), Conor is a very busy man. By day, he runs Firstcom and has spent over 30 years in the communications business. He reckons himself to be a keen cyclist, photographer, amateur chef, blogger and leinster rugby supporter, all the while living under the thumbs of his wife, two daughters and dog, Lady. Brave Man.

This Is Conor

Conor Bofin: A Man Who Knows His Grub

You can imagine that a man as busy as Mr Bofin, must have some serious rules for kitchen dominance.

Distribute the workload
You don’t have to do everything yourself. Get the other half to peel the potatoes. Get the young-un to set the table. Concentrate on the important things, like ingredients and timing.”

Clean As You Go. This should be number one on the list. Use the gaps in preparation time to wash the pots, plates, spoons, mixers etc. This prevents the onset of PDD, Post Dining Depression. CAGE is a pain while one does it but, it is worth it in the long run.”

Yes, the old Keep It Simple Sister really applies to saving time in the kitchen. Don’t try a Baked Alaska as your first dessert. In fact, don’t try a Baked Alaska at all. It’s not worth the grief for such an outmoded pudding. Keep the dishes simple. That saves time and grief. Trust me, I know…”

If you want more of this man’s genius intonations, then click to his website and follow him on twitter.

*All images in this piece were r̶o̶b̶b̶e̶d̶ *borrowed* from One Man’s Meat

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