Perfect the Dessert With Neven

Neven Maguire and Avonmore have teamed up to offer some super handy advice when it comes to perfecting those light and bright desserts we love so much. Neven knows as much as the next man that sometimes things go wrong when it comes to making desserts, but with his top tips, you’ll be presenting restaurant-quality sweets, every time!

Raspberry Almond White Chocolate Tart with Neven Maguire

Neven’s Raspberry Shortcake

Allow pavlova to cool off in the oven leaving the door open before removing it otherwise it will crack. Try to marinate the fresh fruit before placing on top of the cream and then when serving pour a little of Avonmore Dessert Cream over each slice to add extra zest.

Use Irish fresh fruit such as blackberries which can be frozen as well as real Irish strawberries. They are delicious in any dessert served with Irish cream.

Eton Mess – quick and easy to make – consider using over ripe fruit. Make meringues in advance and freeze them. A great way to serve an instant dessert.


Neven’s Raspberry Almond Tart

If you’re using whipped cream with a dessert that may have to be prepared in advance consider using icing sugar, rather than granulated to help keep the shape of the cream in tact.
When using Avonmore Dessert Cream always keep it chilled and do not serve until the last minute. Timing is all important when adding cream to any dessert to avoid it melting or losing its shape

Avonmore Brownie Swirl

Neven’s Brownie Swirl Sundae

When creating an apple tart place the sliced apples at the perimeter, in a pinwheel fashion, all the way to the centre. When serving with fresh cream always serve the tart at room temperature.
Experiment by mixing apples with Irish picked blackberries or use rhubarb and strawberries. To create extra flavor add a vanilla pod to your bag of sugar and leave for at least one week before using.

Use tall glasses as they really show off your dessert in all its glory.
Try to use a selection of footed glasses, both tall and short; wine glasses, martini / cocktail glasses, & short tumblers wok well.

For a real Summer flavour use recipes like Eton Mess or Summer Berries and serve in elegant tall glasses – a stunning way of to show off fresh summer fruit topped with luxuriously thick Avonmore Fresh Dessert Cream.
White plates will make the colours of your dessert stand out. Add in additional colour through fruit garnishes, a sprig of mint or some raspberry coulis dots around the edge of the plate.

Alternatively colourful plates can add a major “wow” factor to desserts. Choose colours that complement the colours of your dessert.

Glass bowls are especially good for presenting layered & fruit desserts. The glass allows all the layers to be seen giving your guests a delicious preview of your sumptuous dessert.




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