Sourdough September 2017

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Real Bread Ireland want to get us to go back to basics and bake our own bread more specifically sourdough. It is  not as hard as it looks and Real Bread Ireland are giving us a head start.

To begin making a sourdough you will need what is called a ‘starter’. Starter is the first baffling piece of the sourdough puzzle – it is the mixture referred to above and is heaving with live goodness. It is basically flour, water & time. You can find out how to make a ‘starter’ here Realbread Rising Starter and MaintainingDuring the month of September you can get your free ‘starter’ from these participating bakeries around Ireland click here.

“Sourdough is a name for a mixture (dough or batter) of water and cereal flour containing a culture of naturally occurring yeasts and lactic acid bacteria. It is often also used to name breads and pancakes made using such a culture.” Real bread bakers in the UK

To get a recipe for sourdough click here to download Realbread Rising Recipe 27 Aug Version.



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