Top 5 Christmas Side Dishes


Sure of your turkey and ham but not a clue what to serve with it? Worry not, as we reveal our top five side dishes to serve on Christmas day. It’s a hard call for most people. While we want to create a sumptuous feast, we don’t want to create more food waste via uneaten veg. The best rule of thumb when planning the side dishes for Christmas are one root mash, one iron green (cabbage or sprouts) and one roast veg. That way you will cover all bases, have enough leftovers for bubble and squeak, but not so much that you will be throwing out bowls of greying vegetables.


Brussels Sprouts with bacon and walnuts and a Parmesan thyme crust

balsamic roasted carrots

Balsamic roasted carrots


Sage & Onion Stuffing

Roast Potatoes

Ultimate Roast potatoes


The best turkey gravy

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