Top 5 After School Dinners

Tue, 02 Sep 2014

If you’re anything like us, while your kids are busy getting into the swing of things at school, you’re probably freaking out about leaving the lazy dinners of summer behind. These quick weeknight meals help fit dinner into everyone’s busy schedule. They are kid-friendly, healthy and ready in 40 minutes, or less. BONUS!

Pancetta Pasta 5

Our super-easy pancetta pasta is a pick and mix sort of a meal. Substitute salami for the bacon and broccoli for the rocket if that’s what floats your boat. Find your family’s favourite combo, and put it on the weekly menu.






This chicken and broccoli bake uses a few cheat’s ingredients to make a warming and comforting casserole in under forty minutes. Your family will adore this classic.







Make one night a week meat-free and utilise the opportunity to use up straggly vegetables and leftovers. Our veggie fried rice is made for this, and tastes amazing. If you need some protein, throw in some bacon or leftover chicken.





Serve our easiest ever tomato soup with piles of toasted cheese sandwiches and revel in the warm glow of everybody clearing their plates.




mini beef sliders perfect for kids birthday parties

Everyone deserves a treat after a long week of work and school – why not treat everyone to these gorgeous sliders and some sweet potato wedges?





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