Top 5 Tips For Fussy Eaters

Thu, 03 Aug 2017

Terrific tips for fussy eaters!

Are you a parent struggling to get your child to eat healthy and nutritious food? We have some simple tips and recipes to help you tackle the tackle fussy eaters in your house

1.Don’t Panic

Ok so you have a fussy eater but all is not lost and there are things you can do to get your child to eat a better variety of food. Fussy eating is an inevitable stage of development and sometimes kids want to gain control and power play with their parents. In most cases children will grow out of it with some consistency and effort from their parents.


2. Get Creative

Let your creativity flow and design the food and meals in a way that appeals to your youngster. Use your imagination and prepare food that not only looks incredible but tastes amazing. Here are a few ideas…

Peanut Butter Banana Toastpeanut_butter_banana_toast

Fruit Skewersfruit skewers

Lilly Higgin’s Kids Sandwiches kids sandwiches, i love cooking, i love cooking ireland, recipes

3. Eat Together

Eating together is paramount to a child’s decent eating habits and this should be an enjoyable time for all the family. Building a respectable structure when eating will encourage your fussy eater to exhibit good eating behaviours. Mealtimes promote family chats and bonding at the table distracts your child from the power struggle over their refusal to eat certain foods.

4. Trying Different Textures

Every child is different as is their taste buds. Try veggies using different textures such as raw carrots and if they do not like them try steamed the next time, if that fails try pureed or mashed carrot. Sometimes it can be a texture issue so why not try adding extra veg to sauces or soups or dishes such as Spag Bol.

Hidden Veggie Tomato Saucehidden_veg_tomato_sauce_

5. Getting the kids involved

Getting the kids involved in some aspect is not only a great way to keep them busy and teach them something about where food comes from, they are more likely to eat something they have made. Give them responsibility of choosing the veg they would like to serve for dinner.

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