Top 5 Weekend Dinners

You know the story. Midweek dinners are thrown together in a flurry of quick and easy ingredients, with the emphasis on quick and easy rather than slow cooked amazingness. Weekends take an altogether lazier approach – at least for us. At the weekend we want to enjoy being in our kitchens, taking the time to think about food that the family can enjoy over a long lunch, or a dinner fuelled with some delicious wine. With that in mind, here’s our top five dinners that lend themselves so well to this kind of cooking. Delicious, flavourful, and made for sharing.

Lamb Easter Feast -MandyM-9856


Chicken and Chorizo Empanada Lilly Higgins

Lilly Higgins’ Chicken & Chorizo Empanadas are a fabulous long lunch option, and taste great warm or cold

Pork Belly recipe; Catherine Fulvio pork belly recipe; The weekend chef

Catherine Fulvio’s crispy pork belly is always a winner


beef bourg

The ultimate slow cook casserole, bouef bourignon gets better as it ages

North Indian Prawn Curry; Catherine Fulvio recipe; i love cooking; weekend chef book

Catherine Fulvio’s North Indian Prawn Curry is an amazing entertaining option

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