Young adults consume the least amount of fruit & veg

Research shows those over 65 years eat the healthiest. Worryingly, young adults consume the least amount of fruit & veg.

Centra has revealed that those over 65 years of age eat the most amount of fruit & veg on a daily basis. Rather worryingly, the RedC research which was undertaken on behalf of Centra, also reveals that the young adults of our nation (aged 18-24 years) eat the least amount of their 5 a day.

Centra’s findings show that the average fruit and vegetable in-take of an Irish adult is now 3.3 portions a day. Previous research conducted by Safe Food showed that the national average was 2.5 portions.

The research comes as positive news as Centra launched its 5 a Day campaign in January, encouraging the nation to increase their daily intake. To keep up the momentum, Centra have today launched its ‘Get Summer Ready’ campaign with new tips and recipes to get on track for the sunny season on  While the Irish nation is making positive steps towards getting the recommended nutritional guidelines, there is more to do.

As part of Centra’s ‘Get Summer Ready’ campaign consultant dietician Sarah Keogh is offering simple recipe ideas as well as hints and tips on ways to increase your daily intake of fruit and veg. To help you feel energised when the summer arrives, check out for simple recipe ideas to help you get more of your 5 a day.

The research also highlighted the strain parents go through to get their children to eat healthy food; 42% of parents say they really struggle to get their children to eat vegetables. 35% of parents admitted they would tell a ‘fib’ to encourage intake, while 28% confessed to using bribes by offering their children additional treats. Nearly a third (31%) say they regularly hide fruit and vegetables in their children’s food.

Speaking about today’s findings Sarah Keogh, Consultant Dietician with and a member of the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute said: “It is worrying that 77% of the Irish nation consume less than the recommended 5 a day, with young adults eating the least amounts of fruit and veg. I have drawn up tips and recipes that are easy to follow, which will help people to get more of their 5 a day – especially those who are time strapped and lead busy lives or trying to get their children to ‘eat their greens’!”

Check out for Sarah Keogh’s blog on getting your 5-a-Day along with information and great offers across fruit and veg in your local Centra store.


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