Beef Bonds!

Pat Whelan, the renowned Tipperary based butcher, is offering Irish food lovers a tasty alternative to the usual financial opportunities with the launch of the 2014 Beef Bonds! A Beef Bond is the perfect Christmas gift for family, friends, colleagues and corporate clients, or as an indulgent investment for yourself – with top quality beef dividends guaranteed!

The Beef Bond, unique to James Whelan Butchers, is a beautifully boxed certificate, which secures a share in one of Pat Whelan’s renowned Angus, Hereford or Wagyu/Kobe cattle. Each Beef Bond displays the unique ID number, breed and expected maturity of the animal it is linked to. For each share held, the investor will be delivered of a box of various cuts of prime Tipperary beef, in a mix of tender steak, moist rich roasts and several succulent and versatile braising beef cuts.

“Beef Bonds are a very safe bet, not only guaranteeing dividends, but delicious ones too! If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas Gift for a foodie, or to treat yourself, Beef Bonds are not only great value, but fun too!” said Pat Whelan. “Beef Bonds offer a real connection and traceability to your food, with the highest standards guaranteed.”

The minimum maturing weight of the animal is predicted at the time of purchase, guaranteeing the buyer a yield. However if the animal exceeds its predicted target, then the Beef Bond holder is in for an extra windfall of meat. Beef Bonds generally mature within 10 to 12 weeks of purchase, but shorter-term bonds are available on request.

Bonds in Angus and Hereford cattle are €100 each, while bonds for the more exclusive Wagyu/Kobe Bond start at €150. Available now via Or contact any James Whelan Butchers: Oakville Shopping Centre, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary. T: 052 6182477, Avoca Food Market, The Crescent, Monkstown, County Dublin. T: 01 6638924 or Avoca Food Market, Rathcoole, County Dublin.
T: 01 4589345

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