Dairygold Dinner Twists

Dairygold, which celebrates 30 years as Ireland’s favourite, has launched #Dairygolddinnertwists, a campaign encouraging the Irish public to share their modern meal time twists on Ireland’s favourite traditional dishes!

In recent times, Irish people have become a lot more open and adventurous when it comes to meal times and many have embraced modern food by adding new twists to their old favourites including using courgetti instead of spaghetti, quinoa and cauliflower instead of rice and embracing a lot more flavours from around the world! Dairygold wants to encourage families, friends and couples to get involved in the social conversation using #dairygolddinnertwists and share their modern mealtime twists, whatever they are! Dairygold, Ireland’s favourite, has also launched Tomorrow’s Table, an online hub dedicated to taking traditional favourite recipes and modernising them – think salmon taco’s instead of a traditional salmon dinner, stuffed apples as opposed to apple crumble and notably, poached egg salad in place of a standard fry-up!

To celebrate the launch of the campaign, Dairygold are running competitions on their Facebook page offering entrants the chance to win a Magimix Food Processor worth €700. Visit www.facebook.com/YourDairygold to enter!

For further information on #dairygolddinnertwists and for lots of inspiring modern recipe ideas from Tomorrow’s Table visit www.yourdairygold.ie 

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