Pancake Tuesday @ Dealz

Celebrate Pancake Tuesday in style without breaking the bank with all you need at Dealz for the perfect fluffy American style pancakes or the thin and delicate French Crêpe. Whatever your style, Dealz will help you whisk up a storm in the kitchen, making this Pancake Tuesday one to remember.


Cover all of your baking equipment needs with Jane Asher’s colourful and fun baking range, exclusive to Dealz, which includes measuring jugs, mixing bowls, hand whisks and sieves, all in vibrant colours to brighten up your kitchen for spring time as well as covering you for all of your Pancake Tuesday baking needs. 

 Pancake Tuesday


Dealz knows that busy parents can’t put school runs, bath time and homework on hold for Pancake Tuesday so fitting in homemade pancakes for the family can be an ambitious task. Dealz has the perfect option for those with less time this Pancake Tuesday with Jane Asher’s and Home Cook pancake mixes. Simply add water or milk, give it a bit of a shake and pour onto a hot buttered frying pan.


Pancake Tuesday

 For pancake fanatics, those in search of the perfect recipe or to re-create traditional family recipes, pick up some eggs and milk to create your own pancake batter at Dealz for €1.49 each.


The fun part about pancakes, aside from the flipping of course is topping them with all of your favourite conserves, confectionaries and spreads to make delicious combinations. Dealz has all of your favourite toppings at the amazing price of just €1.49.

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