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Apple & Caramel Galette

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Pink Lady Apple & Caramel Galette

A galette is a wonderful thing. Flaky pastry with a crunchy, sugared crust, filled with almost any delicious thing you can think of. Best of all, it requires very little effort to make because you don’t have to faff about with lining a tart tin, instead, the edges of the pastry are simply folded over to form the crust. The more rustic looking, the tastier it is! This particular galette is filled with slices of apple which have been lightly spiced with cinnamon. Then once out the oven, it’s drizzled with sweet and sticky salted caramel sauce, home-made or shop-bought, then served warm with scoops of vanilla ice-cream. Sponsored by Pink Lady

For this recipe we have included in the method how to make pastry by hand or using a food processor. You could also use shop bought pastry to save on time.

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