Mandy's Potato Salad

Mandy’s Potato Salad

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I have been making this potato salad since I can remember because this is how my mother made it. Well, almost. I’ve had to tweak it a little since living in Ireland. See, the secret to this potato salad, one that always gets rave reviews and second helpings, is the tangy mayonnaise that’s available to buy back home. I have yet to find a suitably tangy mayo in Ireland to replace it, but I’ve come up with a delicious alternative that gives the same tasty results. I’m partial to making my potato salad with baby potatoes, less peeling and they’re a little sweeter, but feel free to use large peeled potatoes, cut up once cooked. The cornichons add a lovely little crunch in every other bite, and I love using sour cornichons rather than sweeter pickles for another kind of tang. I love the milder taste of green onion in this, but you could also try finely diced red onion instead. Play with it and make it yours!

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